The Bengalla Mining Company, Health & Safety team, are currently assessing a new product to assist our employee's in the areas of hydration, fatigue mitigation and general well being.

As we progress to the next stage of our assessment, the trialling of the product with people across the business, we are seeking volunteers from production, mobile maintenance, CHPP and the office to be part of the project.

To Participate:

  1. Complete the Registration form from the link below which asks a few questions about the drinks you consume and the types of conditions you work under.
  2. Complete the Symptoms form which asks you to score how you are feeling. At the end of this, you can see how you score over a five different symptom ranges including fatigue and sleep.
  3. We will then provide two forms of supplement as part of the hydration support program
    • At the beginning of your shift:  All workers should mix one scoop/teaspoon of OptimAAte® powder with a glass of water (300-500mL) and consume before you start work.
    • Working environments
      • Hot conditions in production, CHPP and mobile maintenance: you can lose 1-2 L per hour
        • Mix one scoop/teaspoon of ElectrAAte® in water in your 1 Litre drink bottle and consume this mix after every three hours of work.
        • Take water if necessary in between to replenish fluid assuming that you are losing at least 1 L per hour.
      • General work conditions: You can still lose fluids and key nutrients from sweat and urine.
        • Mix one scoop/teaspoon of ElectrAAte® in water in your 1 Litre drink bottle and consume this mix after your mid-shift break.
  4. Please log on and complete the symptom survey at the end of each week.

The products you will be trailing are:

OptimAAte® - new generation of amino acid supplements have been specially formulated to replenish a select group of amino acids, which have been shown by scientific research, to be in highest demand during daily exertion and recovery. This demand is exacerbated by work and exercise under hot conditions.

ElectrAAte® - The same blend of amino acids is combined with electrolytes to address the amino acid and electrolyte losses from sweat during work and exercise in hot climate environments.

The Australian products have been developed by two globally respected and published researchers from the University of Newcastle who have specialised in the areas of amino acids, protein turnover, metabolism and chronic illnesses for more than 30 years.

Today the InnovAAte products are prominently used by athletes, professional and amateur, people suffering from chronic illness, and those with compromised immune systems and people looking to improve their general well being. Bengalla Mining Company is the first company to be assessing the supplement's potential in a mining/industrial application.

You can read more about:

We thank you for your interest and participation.