InnovAATe Discussions

At InnovAAte we are always looking to learn more, discuss and be challenged on our research and products with leaders in health and performance industries

The InnovAAte Discussions

Like any startup organisation, it is important to be consistently engaging with and learning from your market and the people who will become your customers. InnovAAte Discussions have become a great way for us to learn more about our customers and what we need to do to deliver great service and products.

Video series: InnovAAte Product Concepts

What makes the OptimAAte and ElectrAAte amino acid products so unique? 

This is a series of short video discussions with Hugh in the Boatshed.

Here, Hugh answers 6 key questions and provides extended discussions that are crucial to understanding the strategy for effective amino acid support of exercise and recovery. A more detailed account can be found in our blog.

Hugh Dunstan


1. Why are proteins supplements not effective during and immediately after exercise?

(42 sec)

Hugh Dunstan

2. Why do food proteins need to be broken down by the body?

(38 sec)

Hugh Dunstan

3. Why do we need amino acids for exercise

(1 min, 48 sec)

Hugh Dunstan

4. What is the InnovAAte Amino Acid Supplementation Concept?

(3 min, 29 sec)

Hugh Dunstan

5. What are the differences between amino acids, peptides and proteins? 

(1 min, 43 sec)

Hugh Dunstan

6. Why hasn't anyone discovered this concept before? 

(2 min, 17 sec)

Video presentation: Optimising Performance

Optimising performance with amino acid

The capacity for digestion is substantially reduced during exercise since blood is diverted to the muscles to provide extra oxygen and nutrients and to efficiently remove waste products. So where do the amino acids come from during exercise? Here, Hugh explains that you get your high-demand amino acids  from the breakdown of your own muscle proteins.

Hugh Dunstan

Optimizing Performance with Amino Acids   (6 min)

The impacts for women:

Women can lose more amino acids in their sweat than men. In addition, a higher proportion of their body's muscle proteins can be used to replenish the high-demand amino acids needed to support exercise and recovery.

Correct supplementation strategies with the right amino acids can make a difference to:

  • Your performance
  • Recovery
  • Your ability to maintain muscle mass.

Stephen from Sydney, Australia.

Helping you achieve your training goals   (33 sec)

Hear from Stephen how the amino acid supplements helped with his performance and recovery.

Recovery from Ilness

Supplementation can contribute to the supply the high demand-amino acids required by the body to rebuild proteins and support the immune system

Hear the experience from Dominic who has been using the amino acid supplement for a long time with great outcomes.

Nigel from Newcastle, Australia.

Lack of sound refreshing sleep has been an issue for Nigel    (49 sec)

Hear Nigel tell the story about how his sleep drastically improved after using OptimAAte regularly.

Sleep is an important component of vitality, well-being and good health and independent studies have shown that one of the amino acids in our products, serine, has a major role in promoting sound sleep.

  • You might like to read more about sleep in our blog.
  • You can see the original scientific research article here.

Dominic from The Gold Coast, Australia.

Recovering a healthy and active lifestyle can be challenging after prolonged illness   (45 sec)

Hear Dominic tell his story about feeling better after using OptimAAte where he reports reduced muscle pain and the ability to recoup a healthy lifestyle.

Video series: Discussions with Exercise Professionals

How do these supplement strategies work? 

These are in-depth discussions with a range of health and exercise professionals.

These experts interrogate Hugh about the applications of amino acid supplements from their own perspectives.

Doug Black Talks with Hugh

Doug Black is the owner of The Fitness Shed where he and his team of trainers which focus on building fitness and metabolic capacity using strength and conditioning training, at a facility located in Lake Macquarie, NSW.

Quality training is provided by professional trainers who lead and develop structured fitness programmes.

Doug leads a team of trainers who are highly motivated and determined to help his clients achieve their personal goals.

Doug's number 1 priority is to ensure the Fitness Shed community and members are provided with a variety of fun and highly effective fitness options that get results.

Learn more about The Fitness Shed

Alicia Edge talks with Hugh

Alicia, an advanced sports dietitian, is the co-founder of Compeat Nutrion,  an innovative online servicing platform to educate and support athletes, as well as being a trusted advisor to professional sporting organsaiton, local to national, throughout Australia.

Learn More about Compeat Nutrition

Ben Dascombe talks with Hugh

Ben Dascombe is an Associate Professor in sports physiology at the University of Newcastle. He currently is the program convener for the Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours).

Ben works with the strength and conditioning staff in a number professional sporting clubs, providing them with sports science advice and implementing new practices.

Ben is an accredited exercise scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia and has held various other professional qualifications.

Simon Ashley talks with Hugh

Simon Ashley is the Founder and Managing Director of ATUNE Health Centres. He is also an accredited, practicing Osteopath.

Simon graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a double degree in Clinical Science and Clinical Osteopathy and has worked in the Hunter as an Osteopath since 2000.

Simon established ATUNE Health Centres in 2006 with a vision to provide holistic healthcare to the local community.

Learn more about Atune Health Centres