InnovAATe Video Insights

At InnovAAte we are always looking for feedback from our customers and we hope to build a library of video testimonials.

The InnovAAte Insights

We are looking to build a series of video testimonials about people's experience with using OptimAAte and ElectrAAte. We hope this will provide some objective insight as to how these products can be effective.

Video presentation: Training testimonial

Training with amino acid

You lose certain amino acids at very rapid rates through sweat and urine. These losses can be exacerbated during exercise. The aim of the InnovAAte products is to replenish the high demand amino acids during and immediately after exercise. This can help maintain muscle mass and  assist in your training goals.

Stephen from Sydney, Australia.

Helping you achieve your training goals   (33 sec)

Hear from Stephen how the amino acid supplements helped with his performance and recovery.