Hydration: replace fluid, amino acids and electrolytes

Sweating is essential for cooling the body, but fluid is lost, meaning that maintaining hydration is critical. Sweating also helps remove some waste products generated by the body. But did you know that you also lose electrolytes and amino acids when you sweat?

To achieve hydration, you need to replenish what you lose in sweat, which includes: fluid, electrolytes and amino acids. The trick is knowing which amino acids are lost in the sweat. The InnovAAte scientists have worked this out for you. They identified six amino acids which were lost most in sweat and urine and were thus deemed as “high-demand” amino acids. If these are in short supply, then the body sources these by breaking down tis own muscle proteins to release the amino acids it needs. The InnovAAte strategy is to provide these high-demand amino acids in a form that are rapidly absorbed by the body.

  • This is why usage of OptimAAte® as directed may assist in the development of muscle mass and the product is useful before, during, or after sustained strenuous exercise.

As little as a 3% loss of hydration can lead to lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, sub-optimal brain function and an overall loss of up to 50% decrease in workplace performance.

  • The ElectrAAte® has been designed to provide the high-demand amino acids, plus the electrolytes, that can be lost through sweat and urine.

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