InnovAAte Inventor’s Experience: Chest Flutters

I started getting these flutters in my upper chest about three years ago as the weather started to warm up from winter time. Since I originally come from the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland, adjusting to heat in the spring and summer has always been challenging. As the weather starts to heat up, I start to get hot and sweaty  as I continue exercising.


I walk a lot, especially in the cooler months but even when the temperatures and humidity go up. I like to swim laps a few times a week in our fabulous ocean baths mostly through spring, summer and autumn to help cool down and keep up the exercise. But through our research, I now realise that you sweat during swimming and lose important electrolytes and amino acids along with the fluid (see our blog on swimming)

Of course I had these symptoms checked out first by the medical profession – heart monitor, ultrasound, blood pressure, blood tests etc and all seemed to be fine. Just random flutters was the conclusion, but it still felt uncomfortable. The heart specialist suggested that magnesium might help in managing this. It definitely helped a bit, but not completely.

As one of the core members of the InnovAAte team, I may be somewhat biased but here’s one of my experiences with ElectrAAte:

These heart palpitations simply disappear when I take ElectrAAte as part of my daily schedule. At times like this, OptimAAte is not enough – if I substitute it, the flutters come back. I take ElectrAAte and the flutters disappear within a couple of days. These six amino acids plus electrolytes (including magnesium) really work for me.
Coming from a much colder clime, I put it down to my body not being made for high temperatures and humidity.

I have always suffered from overheating in summer here but now I can deal with it and keep on doing the activities that I love and that keep me sane by simply adding ElectrAAte to my day. Hydration is important – you need lots of water and fluids when you exercise and especially as the temperatures start to rise. Adding in amino acids and electrolytes via ElectrAAte helps replace what you lose in sweat and greatly reduces muscle cramps, soreness and, in my case, those weird chest palpitations.

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