InnovAAte Inventor’s Experience: Golf at 76 – still going strong!

When I started drinking the ElectrAAte during my game of golf, my stamina and game improved tremendously. Golf used to be exhausting for me, but not now. Until I started taking ElectrAAte with me on my round of golf, I would regularly start to miss shots as I became tired after reaching the half way point of my round.  Mind you my skill level is such that the wayward shot is part of my normal play, but commonly I found that as I reached the 15th I would be less keen to continue and would be missing more than I hit.

It was after I started carrying the pre-mixed ElectrAAte and sipping it regularly, that I found I could complete the round and still feel strong enough to go to the practise green for some effective putting practice.  My handicap has come down since starting to use ElectrAAte, but not quite as fast as I had hoped since starting this frustrating but wonderful game!  In the past, I had always carried and used the recommended rehydration drinks with their salts and sugars but these had not really helped.  I believe the secret for maintaining good hydration is to combine the fluid with electrolytes PLUS the amino acids that are lost in sweat – it really is the magic formula.  Now I never start a round of golf without my trusty mix of ElectrAAte.  I call it the Finisher.  It helps me be strong through to the 18th.

Tim Roberts

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ElectrAAte® has been designed to provide the high-demand amino acids, plus the electrolytes, that can be lost through sweat and urine, and can be taken during and after exercise.

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