InnovAAte Inventor’s Experience: Recovering from a surprise bike-ride

Just before covid set in in 2020, I was on a holiday in Mandurah, Western Australia, visiting my son who had organised a surprise bike riding expedition on Rottnest Island.

“How’s your cycling these days, mum?” asked my son on the 5am drive up to the ferry across to Rottnest Island.
“Non existent in the last year or so – why?”
“Well – I’ve hired bikes so that we can see the island properly today – it’s only about 20km or so and there’s only a few hills and you’re not too unfit – are you?” 😳

Luckily I had started the day with a serve of OptimAAte then and temperatures were only in the mid to late 20’s as strenuous exercise and heat do not bode well for me, a native from a cold, northern Scottish island!
Rottnest was fantastic, the views and swimming glorious but the hills were definitely long in a headwind, definitely a challenge and it was definitely over 20km! I really thought I was in for sore muscles the next day but, after hitting the ElectrAAte when we returned to base, I was amazed to find that I recovered well with no extra aches and pains that evening or the next day. The 6 Aminos and electrolytes worked really well for me!! 😀

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