Give yourself the best chance to fight virus infections

When you are fighting a viral infection like COVID 19, the body needs to build a huge quantity of defence proteins to kill the virus. The body needs amino acids to build the defence proteins meaning that the amino acids are in very high demand at this time.

This is how it works:

  • The virus binds to the surface of its target cell, in this case the cells at the back of the throat and then later the lung cells.
  • The virus then enters the cell and hijacks its functions so that more copies of the virus are produced.
  • The virus escapes from the cell it has grown in and then floats free until it can bind to and enter another cell ….. and so the cycle continues.

When the virus infects a cell in the body, that cell puts up a flag, marking it for destruction by the immune system. In this way, the immune system protects the body because viruses can only multiply inside your cells.

  • Your immune system stops the virus from multiplying by killing the cells where it lives.
  • You have plenty of uninfected cells, so killing a few infected ones usually doesn’t hurt you.

The “flag” marker on the cell surface generates three outcomes in the white blood cells which comprise our immune system.

The first is to start making antiviral proteins called interferons, and to call in more and more white blood cells.

The second is to activate some particular white cells to become specific killer cells that will only kill cells infected with that virus.

  • This again needs massive amounts of new proteins to be produced from the body’s resource pool of amino acids.

The third is to activate some of the white cells to divide into a huge army of cells, each able to make antibody molecules that will bind to the virus and inactivate it. Again, this is a massive call for amino acids to be provided to build the huge number of proteins needed to attack the virus.

  • These antibodies mop up free virus that has been released from the infected cells resulting in the ultimate destruction of the virus.
  • The presence of these antibodies provide resistance that prevents the person from being infected a second time.
  • These are also the antibodies that would be produced by vaccinating with a COVID 19 vaccine, when it becomes available.

Taking an amino acid supplement can help insure that you do not run short of these key amino acid ingredients to support the production of immune defence proteins.

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