How does the body win against a virus? 

We recover from viral infections, such as influenza and coronavirus, by the actions of our immune system which make trillions of specialised proteins that attack the virus. Production of these defensive proteins by the body needs large quantities of amino acids which are the building blocks used to make the proteins. A large proportion of these proteins are the antibodies which are highly specific defence weapons that target the virus.

  • You feel tired while you fight the infection because the body doesn’t want to waste energy and resources on exertion – it needs to pour all its resources into fighting the infection.
  • To help provide the copious quantities of amino acids required, the body breaks down a lot of its own proteins to provide sufficient supplies of these amino acids – this is known as “catabolism”. You will have experienced this when you recover from a severe bout of flu and find that you have lost weight and your leg muscles have weakened.

Fact: Our specialised immune cells can produce trillions of defensive proteins per hour and this will need to continue for 5 days for the immune system to eventually win the war against the virus. This is a lot of protein production!

  • We need to supply the body with amino acids to support this immune defence and reduce the impact on the body.

There are no specific medicines available to treat the huge range of viruses that cause flu-like symptoms.

  • The best form of management is to isolate, rest and provide the body with what it needs to fight the infection.
  • Provision of amino acid supplements can help deliver vital amino acids needed by the body to build immune proteins to attack the viruses.

The InnovAAte strategy is to replenish those amino acids with its next generation amino acid supplement and thus reduce the degree of catabolism. In this way you reduce the breakdown of muscle proteins which can help maintain normal muscle mass.

OptimAAte® is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion. These losses are amplified during a flu or serious cold, especially during the phase of high body temperatures and sweats. It is designed for daily consumption to charge the body with what it needs to support the recovery. These amino acids can help reduce fatigue and restore vitality.

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