The thing to do to help fight infections: take amino acids

Every day, your body is exposed to numerous viruses and bacteria which we loosely describe as germs. At some times of the year, the numbers of infectious organsims are increased and we are more likely to succumb to an infection. It is important to practice good hygiene and to give your body the best chance to maintain a strong immunity.  It is your immune system that will ultimately  combat and defeat these infections.   It does this by making millions of copies of its defensive army of proteins, and each protein is built from amino acids. You can read more about this on our blog about how the body fights viral infections or our blog on how we make antibodies. It is thus vital that you keep up your levels of amino acids to ensure the body has sufficient supply to maintain a strong immune system.  One way to do this is with OptimAAte our next generation amino acid biotechnology.


Disclaimer:  This recommended amino acid supplementation serves only to complement the general anti-epidemic and medical precautions advised by authorities and should not be deemed as a replacement for it.

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