Beat Fatigue: OptimAAte vs ElectrAAte Amino Acids

What is the difference between OptimAAte and ElectrAAte?


Invigorate with OptimAAte®

OptimAAte® is designed for daily consumption in the morning to provide you with those amino acids which are in the highest demand by the body to keep you active and health. A good supply of the OptimAAte amino acids can help reduce fatigue during the day.

  • Exercise and Sports: OptimAAte® can be used as a pre-workout or pre-competition supplement to provide the amino acids and fluid needed to support the exertion.
    These amino acids can help reduce fatigue and provide vitality.
  • Workers: It is also ideal to take OptimAAte® with water before starting a hard day’s work, especially if you work in a hot environment, to help insure that you are hydrated before you start work.


Hydrate with ElectrAAte®

ElectrAAte® is designed to replenish the amino acids and electrolytes which are lost during sweat from training or competition and life in the hot sun. This is the only exercise/work recovery drink that contains both amino acids + all of the electrolytes required to maintain hydration. Proper hydration and supply of amino acids can help recovery from exercise and hard work and reduce fatigue.

People lose between 1-2L of fluid per hour of hard work or exercise. You generally lose more in hotter conditions.

  • Exercise and Sports: ElectrAAte® is designed to be taken during endurance exercise, team sports and training sessions to help properly hydrate the body.
  • Workers: you should aim to replenish fluids regularly and take ElectrAAte® for approximately every three hours of hard work, or for every 3 L of fluid lost.
  • No Sugar.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Batch tested by an independent laboratory to confirm the products do not contain WADA banned substances for sport.

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