Hydration requires electrolytes + amino acids

Summer weather can be extremely hot and present a challenge for maintaining good health – the key is to maintain good hydration.

When you are working in the heat or exercising, you can lose litres of sweat every hour and hydration becomes important .

You can easily lose litres of fluid just sitting and surviving a day of heat – you need hydration. It is important to drink water but, when you sweat, you lose salts (electrolytes) and amino acids as well.

  • Sweating is an important body function that helps with cooling and maintaining temperature control. It is also an important process for excreting some waste products.
    • It has an associated cost which is the loss of some primary amino acids and electrolytes.

Sports drinks currently available provide fluid and electrolyte replacement but none have the primary amino acids lost in sweat.

  • Many have large quantities of sugar!

Recently InnovAAte’s scientific research shows that we also primarily lose large quantities of a group of six amino acids in our sweat.

When it comes to hydration in the heat, especially following workouts and outdoor activities, we need to replenish stocks of both electrolytes and the primary amino acids. If you don’t undergo hydration, then the body won’t have what it needs to maintain good inner health. This shortfall of electrolytes and the primary amino acids can prolong recovery from exercise and daily activities, leading to fatigue and poor performance.

  • Poor performance is not just related to exercise and sport, but also relates to general well-being and performance at work.

At InnovAAte, our scientists have:

  1. Identified the primary amino acids that are lost in greatest abundance via sweat during exercise.
  2. Produced a new hydration mix of amino acids and electrolytes called ElectrAAte that is rapidly absorbed for use by the body.
    • If you are working in hot conditions, then you can take ElectrAAte during the day as part of your hydration to restore the balance of fluid, electrolytes and amino acids.
    • If you are working out at the gym, training, on a long walk or going for a run, then you can take ElectrAAte as you go for hydration because it is rapidly absorbed and does not need digestion.
    • If you are playing competitive outdoor sports like cricket, tennis, soccer, rugby, AFL, riding horses, surfing or rowing, then ElectrAAte can be taken at hydration breaks and between events.

Replenishment of electrolytes and amino acids for hydration during competition can minimise the impacts of losses via sweating during prolonged and intense exercise. This restoration can allow the body to better support muscle action with preservation of muscle integrity and thus improve rates of recovery with less fatigue.

ElectrAAte: replenishes electrolytes + amino acids for re-hydration and recovery
• 80 servings per tub; 76c per serve

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