Maintaining muscle is crucial for well-being in elderly adults.

As we age, elderly adults can lose muscle mass, strength and function and become more susceptible to diseases such as COVID19. The amino acids provided in OptimAAte are designed to replenish those that are in high demand by the body to better maintain muscle integrity and immune function.

So why do elderly adults lose muscle condition and become more susceptible to infections?

An increasing number of apparently healthy elderly individuals have an imbalance whereby the rate that proteins are broken down in the body is greater than the rate that new proteins are made – in the most severe cases this is known  as “hypercatabolic syndrome”. If the ageing person becomes less efficient at processing foods and replacing damaged proteins, then the muscles become more susceptible to damage and the capacity for the immune system to react rapidly may diminish. Underlying health issues also have an impact on the general well-being and requirements for protein turnover.

Every day, our bodies break down old and damaged proteins to release their building blocks, called amino acids, which are then re-utilised to form new proteins. The daily formation of new proteins is enhanced by the ingestion of food proteins, which are broken down by digestive process to release the amino acids needed by the body. The breakdown of proteins in the body is a process known as “catabolism” and the formation of proteins is known as “anabolism”. These two processes need to be kept in balance – if there is more breakdown of proteins than formation of new proteins, then this can lead to muscle damage and wasting.

OptimAAte is a Next Generation Free form amino acid supplement that instantly provides those amino acids which are in the highest demand by the body and helps to provide an adequate supply of the building blocks to form our proteins.


It seems that as we age, we may eat less protein than we should and we also digest it less well – the consequences of either outcome means that we do not get enough of the amino acids that we require to build the proteins we need. As we age, our digestive efficiency reduces and some foods are difficult to digest. This means that we may not always get all the amino acids required to adequately supply the necessary resources for the the formation of new proteins.

Amino acids have been shown to be critical nutrients for disease prevention, muscle health and stroke prevention in elderly adults. A study over 14 years of 250,000 people aged from mid-30s to 80s  showed that people with the most protein in their diets were 20% less likely to have had a stroke during the study period than those with the lowest amount of protein in their diets.

InnovAAte Research

A group of six amino acids are in very high demand for a large range of body chemistry processes to maintain good health. These amino acids are also lost in copious quantities via sweat and urine.

  • The identification of this group of six amino acids is the secret behind the InnovAAte science – we have worked out what amino acids are lost at the faster rates because of their higher demands in the body. The concept is simple – we replenish these key factors to provide the body with what it needs, when it needs them.

OptimAAte® is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion.

  • OptimAAte is designed for daily consumption to charge the body with what it needs to undertake protein synthesis.
  • These amino acids can help reduce fatigue and restore vitality.

Amino acid utilisation is amplified during a flu or serious cold, especially during the phase of high body temperatures and sweats.

Since amino acids are such a vital resource for the formation of antibody proteins in the body’s immune response, it is essential to ensure your body has an adequate supply of amino acids to fight  infection.

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