Maintaining muscle mass for the elderly

As we age, elderly adults generally lose their strength, muscle mass and function and become more susceptible to diseases as we are seeing with COVID19. This can be due to reductions in exercise and also a reduction in digestive power. Proteins need to be digested to release their building blocks which are required to make our proteins and fuel our metabolism.

If the body can’t get enough of the amino acid resources it needs from digested proteins, then it will breakdown its own muscle proteins to readily supply the needed amino acids. Think of your muscle proteins as the Reserve Bank of Amino Acids, available to be called on at a minute’s notice to supply needed amino acids.

  • If the balance remains in favour of using the muscle proteins, then this can lead to muscle loss and weakness.

Researchers and gerontologists have shown that supplementation of the diet with free form amino acids is very effective in preventing muscle loss and stimulating muscle protein synthesis in the elderly, in diabetes and in elderly patients with chronic heart failure. The amino acids provided in OptimAAte® are designed to replenish those that are in high demand by the body. Usage as directed may assist in the development of muscle bulk and the product is useful before, during, or after exercise.

An increasing number of apparently healthy elderly individuals have a state where their muscle proteins are broken down at a faster rate than they are made – which after time, leads to a  reduction in muscle mass. In the most severe cases, this is known as hypercatabolic syndrome”. If the ageing person becomes less efficient at processing foods and replacing damaged proteins, then the muscles become more susceptible to damage and the capacity for the immune system to react rapidly may diminish. Underlying health issues also have an impact on the general well-being and requirements for protein turnover.

Amino acids have been shown to be critical nutrients for disease prevention, muscle health and stroke prevention in elderly adults. A study over 14 years of 250,000 people aged from mid-30s to 80s showed that people with the most protein in their diets were 20% less likely to have had a stroke during the study period than those with the lowest amount of protein in their diets.

InnovAAte Researchers have shown that there is a group of six amino acids that are in very high demand for a large range of body chemistry processes to maintain good health. These amino acids are also lost in copious quantities via sweat and urine. The identification of this group of high-demand amino acids is the basis behind the InnovAAte science – we have worked out what amino acids are lost at the faster rates because of their higher demands in the body.

The concept is simple – the InnovAAte products have been designed to replenish these high demand amino acids in a form that is rapidly absorbed and does not require digestion.

OptimAAte® is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion. It is designed for daily consumption and usage as directed may assist in the development of muscle bulk.

ElectrAAte® is a next generation amino acid + electrolyte supplement that, when mixed in water, is designed to replenish what is lost during sweat from daily exertion and life in the hot sun. It is ideal for taking during and after work and exercise and can help with maintaining hydration.

InnovAAte Products

  • OptimAAte®: 130 servings per tub; 46c per serve
    • One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories
  • ElectrAAte®: 80 servings per tub; 76c per serve
    • One serve of ElectrAAte® contains only 26kJ or 6.3 Calories

Both OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® do not contain any sugar or caffeine and are vegan friendly. Both products have been tested by an independent laboratory to be sure that that they do not contain WADA banned substances so they are safe for use by elite athletes and people in restricted workplaces.

  • OptimAAte® can be mixed with water in your drink bottle or cup.
  • ElectrAAte® can be mixed in the drink bottle or cup and has a light lemon flavouring.

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