Recover from hard work and exercise: amino acids and electrolytes

Did you know that you lose amino acids as well as electrolytes when you sweat? ElectrAAte is a new hydration formula designed to replace what is lost most during hard work and exercise.

Sweating is essential for cooling the body, but the process loses fluid, electrolytes and amino acids. To achieve hydration, you need to replenish fluid, electrolytes and amino acids to optimise your performance. The trick is knowing which amino acids are lost in the sweat. The InnovAAte scientists have worked this out for you. Replenishing with a supplement that provides the right amino acids helps you to better recover from exercise.

It is easy to lose 500 mL- 2,000 mL of sweat during an hour of hard work or exercise. When you lose 3%  of your body weight in fluids during exertion, this can lead to a lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, poor brain function and result in an overall loss of up to 50% of working capacity.

We have two products designed to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle, hard work and exercise:

OptimAAte is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion. It is designed for daily consumption and can also be used as a pre-work supplement to charge the body with what is needs to support hard work and exercise. These amino acids can help reduce fatigue and provide vitality.

ElectrAAte is a next generation amino acid + electrolyte hydration supplement that, when mixed in water, is designed to replenish what is lost during sweat from work, training, competition and life in the hot sun. It is ideal for taking during and after hard work and exercise to help properly hydrate the body.

Both OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® do not contain any sugar or caffeine and are vegan friendly. Both products have been tested by an independent laboratory to be sure that that they do not contain WADA banned substances so they are safe for use by elite athletes and people in restricted workplaces.

  • OptimAAte® can be mixed in water or drinks such as fruit juices and smoothies, or blended into foods such as bread.
  • ElectrAAte can be mixed in the drink bottle with a light lemon flavouring.

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