Sleep, OptimAAte and You

Over the past many months Nigel and others have reported back to us that a teaspoonful of OptimAAte® before bedtime results in a better night’s sleep. Sleep is an important component of vitality, well-being and good health and independent studies have shown that one of the amino acids in our product, serine, has a major role in promoting sound sleep.

Getting enough sleep is as important for your body as eating right, exercising, and practising good dental hygiene. That’s because lack of sleep not only makes it harder for you to get through the day, it is also linked to all kinds of health problems — from diabetes to increasing blood pressure to weight gain and increased risk for a heart attack. Inadequate sleep even makes it more likely that you’ll catch a cold.

Sleep itself comes in two major forms. Rapid eye movement sleep is our dreaming sleep and getting enough of this REM sleep may help to preserve memory and cognitive function. Quiet sleep is the other form and is when the body renews and repairs itself, with growth hormone released by the pituitary gland to stimulate tissue growth and muscle repair. This deep sleep is thought to help prepare the body to defend itself against infection.

Your can help your body sleep better by cutting caffeine, quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and getting active. And of course, as Nigel does, taking a dose of OptimAAte® before bed.

The concept is simple – we replenish these key factors (such as serine) to provide the body with what it needs, when it needs them.

OptimAAte® is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion. Daily consumption can help provide the body with what is needed to support the day’s activities, and importantly, it can provide the resources needed to allow effective sleep to recharge for the next day.

OptimAAte® does not contain any sugar or caffeine and is vegan friendly.

OptimAAte® can be mixed in water or drinks such as fruit juices and smoothies, or blended into foods such as bread.

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