So if I sweat, but don’t exercise, can amino acids supplements help?

We all love sitting in the sun on a beach or having a drink at our favourite rooftop bar – but in all the fun, you don’t realise how much you are sweating and how much water, amino acids and electrolytes you are losing. In our hot climate we have to sweat to stay cool and therefore you are continuously losing water, amino acids and electrolytes.

We wanted to find out exactly what you lose when you are in hot conditions so we ran a little test to compare exercise sweat and sweat from sitting still in the heat. When you sit in a sauna for 45 minutes, you sweat profusely, and this process will have you losing more amino acids than in sweat you generate during exercise!! New research shows that passive sweat (generated without exercise) has nearly double the amounts of amino acids than in sweat generated during exercise.

This means you lose more amino acids sitting on the beach sweating in the sun, than you do exercising for the same amount of time.We now have the scientific data to show that the sweat collected by sitting in a hot environment without any exercise can result in losing significant quantities of amino acids, fluids and electrolytes.

  • This research was published  in a recent article comparing the composition of the passive and exercise sweat. It also looked at the changes in sweat composition over 65 minutes of cycling in a controlled environment.
  • Exercise generates a trigger which reduces the losses of amino acids to conserve much needed resources to support the exercise.

We are often asked the question: I don’t workout and I don’t do endurance sport, so how can an amino acid supplement help me?

Well, based on the research, the losses from a life-style basking on the beach could still lead to substantial losses of amino acids.  Proper replenishment with the amino acids and electrolytes could be very beneficial for those living the quieter lifestyle in warm-to hot climates.

  • Fluid loss over the course of the day without formalised exercise, still involves substantial levels of exertion associated with commuting to work, shopping, organising family……

InnovAAte researchers have shown that there is a group of six amino acids that are in very high demand for a large range of body chemistry processes to maintain good health. These amino acids are also lost in copious quantities via sweat and urine. The identification of this group of six amino acids is the secret behind the InnovAAte science – we have worked out what amino acids are lost at the faster rates because of their higher demands in the body.

The concept is simple – we have designed supplements that contain these high-demand amino acids which can be rapidly absorbed by the body.


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