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Breakthrough Equine Exercise Recovery Product

InnovAAte have teamed up with a western Sydney horse feed and supplement company to produce a world-first exercise-recovery product for horses. Hugh Dunstan, InovAAte’s CEO began researching how amino acids were lost in sweat during exercise in 2014.

Together with Horsepower Feeds & Supplements, Hugh and his team then developed a product to help racehorses and other elite performance horses recover more quickly from intense exercise. “We found that a small group of six amino acids are lost in much higher quantities than other amino acids. After exercise, digestion of protein is impaired for some time, but these amino acids are needed immediately in the recovery processes,” Hugh explained.

“To achieve this, the horse would undergo a process known as ‘catabolism’ to break down existing proteins in the body to provide the necessary components required to replace damaged proteins and build muscle.”

Hugh said his team developed computer-based models of protein turnover and amino acid metabolism to arrive at a precise recipe that mimicked what was lost during exercise and exertion. This allowed researchers to develop a supplement that provides horses with their exact amino acid requirements without overburdening the animal with excessive protein, which comes at a metabolic cost. “External replenishment of these key amino acids immediately after exercise reduces the need for a breakdown of muscle proteins and, in the long term, facilitates better maintenance of muscle condition.”

Horsepower Feeds & Supplements, which has more than 30 years’ experience in equine nutrition, has worked with Hugh and his team for three years to bring the product to market. Dr Mark Greathead MRCVS, the founder and owner of Horsepower, is excited about the product. “To use the science that Hugh has come up with to produce a world-first supplement that will genuinely aid in the recovery of exercising horses, how could we not be excited?

The result is a product built totally on science,” he said. Horsepower Recovery BOOSTAA is now available in powder or paste form

Learn More about the InnovAAte science and how HorsePower are using to create new products for the equine industry.

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