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By Hugh Dunstan | 14/03/2022

ElectrAAte® has been designed to be mixed with water to provide fluid, amino acids and electrolytes which are lost through sweat during exercise, or life in the hot sun. People can lose between 1-2L of fluid per hour of hard work or exercise. You generally sweat more in hotter conditions. ElectrAAte is the only formulated…

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By Hugh Dunstan | 14/03/2022

OptimAAte® was designed to replenish the amino acids that are lost most during the day from general exertion. These losses are amplified during exercise and life in a hot climate. Daily amino acid supplementation with OptimAAte® aims to supply the key amino acids that are lost in greatest quantities during exertion. Usage of OptimAAte® as…

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Testimonial: ElectrAAte, Boot Camp and Riding Mountain Bikes

By Hugh Dunstan | 14/10/2021

Hi Innovaate Team, Just wanted to leave a positive review for Electraate – I absolutely love the product. I train quite a bit at the gym and ride my mountain bike a lot too. I was feeling quite fatigued after my workouts and quite sore for days so I needed something to help. I purchased…

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InnovAAte Inventor’s Experience: Golf at 76 – still going strong!

By Tim Roberts | 28/09/2021

When I started drinking the ElectrAAte during my game of golf, my stamina and game improved tremendously. Golf used to be exhausting for me, but not now. Until I started taking ElectrAAte with me on my round of golf, I would regularly start to miss shots as I became tired after reaching the half way…

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InnovAAte Inventor’s Experience: Recovering from a surprise bike-ride

By Margaret MacDonald | 15/09/2021

Just before covid set in in 2020, I was on a holiday in Mandurah, Western Australia, visiting my son who had organised a surprise bike riding expedition on Rottnest Island. “How’s your cycling these days, mum?” asked my son on the 5am drive up to the ferry across to Rottnest Island. “Non existent in the…

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FREE Shipping in Australia: Bundle products to match your personal goals

By Hugh Dunstan | 15/09/2021

FREE Standard Shipping in Australia Shop for OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® here. To help you make choices, we have provided some suggested combinations of InnovAAte products tailored for various applications and personal goals. General use: OptimAAte® was designed to take daily to provide the high-demand amino acids for an active life-style. ElectrAAte® was designed to replace the amino acids, electrolytes…

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Did you know that swimmers sweat?

By Hugh Dunstan | 08/09/2021

Even though you are in water, your body produces sweat as a natural response to keep your body cool while you are exercising. Obviously if you are training in a heated pool, you will produce more sweat than if you are swimming in the cooler waters of an ocean. The amount of sweat you generate…

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What sets InnovAAte apart?

By Hugh Dunstan | 03/09/2021

The InnovAAte philosophy Simplicity InnovAAte strives to develop simple solutions using scientifically formulated products with pure amino acids and electrolyte ingredients. There are no complex proteins, carbohydrates, fats, herbal extracts or any other substances that are on TGA scheduled lists or he WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of banned substances. To achieve these goals, we…

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Helping you achieve your training goals

By Hugh Dunstan | 02/09/2021

Hear from Stephen about his experience with using OptimAAte amino acids with his training.

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ElectrAAte: boosts potential at Masters Rowing Championships

By Hugh Dunstan | 02/06/2021

Testimonial: In May 2021, Skye and Colleen participated in the Australian Masters regatta in Adelaide, South Australia and won the bronze medal in one of their races, their first national level medal which was exciting for them both. They attribute their ability to move quickly from race to race after a full physical contribution in every…

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