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Did you know that swimmers sweat?

By Hugh Dunstan | 08/09/2021

Even though you are in water, your body produces sweat as a natural response to keep your body cool while you are exercising. Obviously if you are training in a heated pool, you will produce more sweat than if you are swimming in the cooler waters of an ocean. The amount of sweat you generate…

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What sets InnovAAte apart?

By Hugh Dunstan | 03/09/2021

The InnovAAte philosophy Simplicity InnovAAte strives to develop simple solutions using scientifically formulated products with pure amino acids and electrolyte ingredients. There are no complex proteins, carbohydrates, fats, herbal extracts or any other substances that are on TGA scheduled lists or he WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of banned substances. To achieve these goals, we…

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Helping you achieve your training goals

By Hugh Dunstan | 02/09/2021

Hear from Stephen how the amino acid supplements helped with his performance and recovery.

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Testimonial: OptimAAte restored healthy life-style

By Hugh Dunstan | 21/08/2021

Testimonial: Brian, from Sydney, August 2021. When I first heard you (Hugh) explain to us the importance of Amino Acids and the science behind what you invented, it made sense and I was keen to try it. At the time I started using OptimAAte, I had been suffering for many years with sore muscles throughout…

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Dominic tells his story: OptimAAte helped provide more energy and reduce muscle pain

By Hugh Dunstan | 16/08/2021

Hear Dominic tell his story about restoring energy with OptimAAte which helped to reduce muscle pain and recoup a healthy lifestyle. Want more information? See our applications page . Shop for OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® here.

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ElectrAAte: boosts potential at Masters Rowing Championships

By Hugh Dunstan | 02/06/2021

Testimonial: In May 2021, Skye and Colleen participated in the Australian Masters regatta in Adelaide, South Australia and won the bronze medal in one of their races, their first national level medal which was exciting for them both. They attribute their ability to move quickly from race to race after a full physical contribution in every…

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Calculate Your Water Loss and Develop Your Personalised Hydration Strategy

By Hugh Dunstan | 06/05/2021

Wondering how much water you lose everyday? Use our simple formula to calculate your loss, and use it to develop your own customised hydration strategy. Know how much water and replenishment your body really needs. Read more here.

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Hydrate with ElectrAAte!

By Hugh Dunstan | 14/04/2021

Hydrate with ElectrAAte! ElectrAAte is an amino acid supplement combined with electrolytes designed to replenish key nutrients lost during exercise or from living in hot environments. ElectrAAte is: Fat-free Sugar-free Caffeine-free Vegan and vegetarian-friendly Tested for WADA-banned substances Mix one scoop into any drink to provide hydration and support your health journey! Buy here:…

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Vegan or Vegetarian? Got you covered!

By Hugh Dunstan | 30/03/2021

When meat intake is low, you miss out on a vital nutrient called Histidine. But, don’t worry! Our two products, OptimAAte and ElectrAAte both contain Histidine. Histidine is an essential amino acid which is required to maintain good health. An adequate supply can help prevent anaemia by assisting in the formation of haemoglobin.

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How do Amino Acids Help with Exercise?

By Hugh Dunstan | 17/03/2021

Amino acids can be used to charge the body for exercise by reducing the unnecessary breakdown of muscle proteins. This allows you to recover faster, maintain muscle and reduce the likelihood of injury.

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