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Maintaining muscle mass as you age

By Hugh Dunstan | 12/03/2021

Tim Roberts writes another excellent article about “maintaining muscle mass as we age” in the March-April edition of Hunteria for the Hunter Region Vietnam Veterans. This article covers important insight about how to stay healthy for longer and use exercise to sustain well-being as we get older. Usage of OptimAAte and ElectrAAte as directed, may…

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OptimAAte and ElectrAAte: Endorsement of concepts from a High Performance Coach

By Hugh Dunstan | 10/03/2021

It is wonderful to see Australian made nutritional supplements that are backed by such strong scientific evidence. Nutrition and hydration are the three big keys for optimal sports performance.  In my previous experience as a professional strength & conditioning coach, through our hydration testing, I observed many athletes who were training dehydrated. For an athlete,…

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Running: Rebecca describes reductions in cramps and stitches with ElectrAAte

By Hugh Dunstan | 19/10/2020

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve started taking ElectrAAte, a blend of amino acids and electrolytes, and preliminary results are in … For the last week I’ve woken up before my alarm clock every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. A long time runner, I’ve always been plagued by stitches but…

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High Intensity Training – ElectrAAte Testimonial

By Hugh Dunstan | 11/10/2020

As an F45 studio owner, I am regularly training at high intensity levels, usually 5-6 days per week. One of the challenges I face, both personally and as a studio owner, is being able to maintain muscle mass whilst on a calorie controlled nutrition plan designed for fat loss.       I decided to…

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So if I sweat, but don’t exercise, can amino acids supplements help?

By Hugh Dunstan | 08/09/2020

We all love sitting in the sun on a beach or having a drink at our favourite rooftop bar – but in all the fun, you don’t realise how much you are sweating and how much water, amino acids and electrolytes you are losing. In our hot climate we have to sweat to stay cool…

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Which product for me? OptimAAte and ElectrAAte Amino Acids

By Hugh Dunstan | 28/08/2020

General use: OptimAAte® was designed to take daily to provide the high-demand amino acids for an active life-style and support those living in warm to hot climates. The formulation is based on research to counter the major losses through sweat and urine. ElectrAAte® was designed to replace the amino acids, electrolytes and fluid lost during…

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ElectrAAte: Amino Acids and Electrolytes for cyclists

By Hugh Dunstan | 13/08/2020

Testimonial from Trav who has been cycling at the Central Coast whilst using ElectrAAte (August 2020): I tend to cycle most days, sometimes just to work and back (20mins each way at pace) and often a few extra rides during the week of hour or more. (Haven’t raced this year but often get a race…

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InnovAAte Amino Acids: Sports and Training

By Hugh Dunstan | 10/08/2020

When you are exercising or competing, you need a supply of amino acids to keep you going in your sport primarily to maintain muscle mass. During the exercise, you cannot eat and, even if you could, the operation of the digestive system is much reduced because blood is diverted to the muscles to provide much…

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It is vital to recover between races.

Background: Amino Acids

By Hugh Dunstan | 06/08/2020

Hugh Dunstan provides some insights for amino acid supplements. What happens to digestion during exercise? When you are exercising, your digestive capacity is greatly reduced, because the blood is primarily diverted away from the digestive tract to the muscles. As a result, the capacity to digest proteins is reduced. What happens to digestion after exercise?…

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Surfing: Young surfer describes how he could surf for longer by using ElectrAAte

By Hugh Dunstan | 03/08/2020

H.C. Newcastle August 2020: “I have been taking ElectrAAte by InnovAAte for several months now and I have found that I have been able to surf more regularly, and have longer sessions (up to 3 hours), with little to no fatigue.”

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