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Make OptimAAte bread for amino acids

By Hugh Dunstan | 20/06/2020

Bread was baked with OptimAAte to give you the full serve of amino acids in a sandwich. The bread texture was perfect and it tasted great. Margaret worked out the amount of OptimAAte to add to the bread mix so that there was a half-serving in each slice. A great way to take your daily…

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Recovery from illness: restoring good health

By Hugh Dunstan | 20/05/2020

Testimonial: It has been most rewarding to trial your Optimaate product.  After a long history of managing inflammation and chronic fatigue symptoms brought on after post-surgery MRSA (Golden Staph) infection, it was great to see a product that came from an accomplished research team who understood the debilitating effects.  Since taking OptimAAte the noticeable benefits…

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Recover from hard work and exercise: amino acids and electrolytes

By Hugh Dunstan | 19/05/2020

Did you know that you lose amino acids as well as electrolytes when you sweat? ElectrAAte is a new hydration formula designed to replace what is lost most during hard work and exercise. Sweating is essential for cooling the body, but the process loses fluid, electrolytes and amino acids. To achieve hydration, you need to…

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Maintaining muscle is crucial for well-being in elderly adults.

By Tim Roberts | 30/04/2020

As we age, elderly adults can lose muscle mass, strength and function and become more susceptible to diseases such as COVID19. The amino acids provided in OptimAAte are designed to replenish those that are in high demand by the body to better maintain muscle integrity and immune function. So why do elderly adults lose muscle…

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New Roles for Red Blood Cells

By Hugh Dunstan | 24/04/2020

A new role has been discovered for RBC (red blood cells) where they store and transport amino acids throughout the body. The results of this study will open up new areas of research into health, fitness and performance training. In a landmark paper published on the 23rd April, Hugh Dunstan and his team provide evidence…

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Testimonial: Find more energy when you are over 60

By Hugh Dunstan | 20/04/2020

I am 67 years old and when I was 48 years old was diagnosed with a blood disease Essential Thromocytosis and on top of that, I have Bipolar disorder. Because of my conditions  I take a cocktail of medications with  no real side effects, however, in the past I have had a real  lack  of…

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ElectrAAte at BridgeClimb Sydney

By Hugh Dunstan | 08/04/2020

Over our summer peak period at BridgeClimb Sydney, I recommended an optional amino acids supplement to be available for our teams – ElectrAAte by InnovAAte. ElectrAAte is an amino acids + electrolytes supplement that assists with muscle fatigue recovery and hydration. With all team members across the business working longer shifts in higher temperatures, some…

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Give yourself the best chance to fight virus infections

By Tim Roberts | 08/04/2020

When you are fighting a viral infection like COVID 19, the body needs to build a huge quantity of defence proteins to kill the virus. The body needs amino acids to build the defence proteins, and OptimAAte provides the amino acids that are in the highest demand at this time. This is how it works:…

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InnovAAte Testimonials

By Hugh Dunstan | 06/04/2020

July 2020: K.M. (Seaham, NSW) This great response from Kevin 85 years old recovering from a car accident: “I am very pleased to report a marked improvement in my overall health, and I’m convinced that daily taking OptimAAte has been playing a major part in this.” June 2020: D.B. (Newcastle) great product, massively decreases my…

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Your body works as a protein factory to keep you in top health

By Hugh Dunstan | 25/03/2020

Your body continuously removes old proteins and produces new proteins to keep you in top working order. This process is called “Protein Turnover” and involves the daily breakdown of old and damaged proteins and the manufacture of new proteins. Why does this happen? It allows the body to regulate what proteins are ready for use…

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