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Weight loss basics: How to use OptimAAte to your advantage

By Hugh Dunstan | 20/10/2020

If you are healthy and putting on weight then the simple explanation is that you are eating more than you need for your day’s exertion. It is all about striking the correct balance between what you eat and the amount of exercise you do and OptimAAte® can help ensure you lose fat rather than muscle…

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Running: ElectrAAte testimonial for reducing cramps and stitches

By Hugh Dunstan | 19/10/2020

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve started taking ElectrAAte, a blend of amino acids and electrolytes, and preliminary results are in … For the last week I’ve woken up before my alarm clock every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. A long time runner, I’ve always been plagued by stitches but…

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High Intensity Training – ElectrAAte Testimonial

By Hugh Dunstan | 11/10/2020

As an F45 studio owner, I am regularly training at high intensity levels, usually 5-6 days per week. One of the challenges I face, both personally and as a studio owner, is being able to maintain muscle mass whilst on a calorie controlled nutrition plan designed for fat loss.       I decided to…

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So if I sweat, but don’t exercise, do I need amino acids?

By Hugh Dunstan | 08/09/2020

We all love sitting in the sun on a beach or having a drink at our favourite rooftop bar – but in all the fun, you don’t realise how much you are sweating and how much water, amino acids and electrolytes you are losing. In our hot climate we have to sweat to stay cool…

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InnovAAte: Amino Acid Newsletter, Issue 2

By Hugh Dunstan | 07/09/2020

Welcome to InnovAAte’s Spring newsletter with a focus on how our our amino acids can help with hydration. We also take you back to some basics about amino acids and proteins. Fun fact: Did you know that when you are sitting still in the heat, you lose more amino acids per litre of sweat than…

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Sleep, OptimAAte and You

By Hugh Dunstan | 07/09/2020

Over the past many months Nigel and others have reported back to us that a teaspoonful of OptimAAte® before bedtime results in a better night’s sleep. Sleep is an important component of vitality, well-being and good health and independent studies have shown that one of the amino acids in our product, serine, has a major…

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Maintaining muscle mass for the elderly

By Tim Roberts | 07/09/2020

As we age, elderly adults generally lose their strength, muscle mass and function and become more susceptible to diseases as we are seeing with COVID19. This can be due to reductions in exercise and also a reduction in digestive power. Proteins need to be digested to release their building blocks which are required to make…

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Is extra Histidine required in vegetarian diets?

By Hugh Dunstan | 01/09/2020

The supply of essential amino acids such as histidine from plant proteins are largely similar to those found in meat proteins, with minor variations observed between sources. This comparison is based on evaluations of the amino acid compositions in extracted meat proteins. But these do not normally take into account the fact that the meat…

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Beat Fatigue: OptimAAte vs ElectrAAte Amino Acids

By Hugh Dunstan | 28/08/2020

What is the difference between OptimAAte and ElectrAAte?   Invigorate with OptimAAte® OptimAAte® is designed for daily consumption in the morning to provide you with those amino acids which are in the highest demand by the body to keep you active and health. A good supply of the OptimAAte amino acids can help reduce fatigue

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InnovAAte: Amino Acid Newsletter, Issue 1

By Hugh Dunstan | 14/08/2020

Welcome to InnovAAte’s first newsletter about our amino acids! Shop at InnovAAte We’re excited to bring you the latest news and posts from our InnovAAting blog, keeping you updated with how OptimAAte and ElectrAAte can help you reach your best you. Women’s Health Margaret looks into the benefits of amino acids on skin and soft…

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