Amino acids and chronic fatigue syndrome

Testimonial from Jo in South Australia:

As a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have found amino acids to be an essential part of my treatment regime. I have had many tests for amino acid levels in my urine and they have always shown I require them. Before regular supplementation I was bedridden, very fatigued ( mentally and physically ) and in much pain. I was also housebound due to severe multiple chemical sensitivities. Soon after I began taking them my quality of life improved greatly.
My energy levels improved and I was able to get back on my feet again and actually go out for longer amounts of time. They have also helped reduce my infection symptoms and if I catch a virus now my recovery time is shorter.
While I am not cured and still have to pace myself, I can now sit up and make jewellery on good days and spend time with my friends. Amino acids have made a world of difference to my every day life.

Our research has shown that people suffering chronic fatigue have low levels of amino acids. Certain amino acids are used in very high demand by the body and sometimes the body cannot keep up with supply. Essential amino acids can only be provided in the diet. The amino acids in OptimAAte can help replenish those that are in highest demand.

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