ElectrAAte at BridgeClimb Sydney

Over our summer peak period at BridgeClimb Sydney, I recommended an optional amino acids supplement to be available for our teams – ElectrAAte by InnovAAte. ElectrAAte is an amino acids + electrolytes supplement that can assists with reducing muscle fatigue and help with recovery and hydration. With all team members across the business working longer shifts in higher temperatures, some climbing the bridge 3 times/day, assisting hydration and recovery is a huge asset for us to be able to continue to deliver the highest possible standards for our customers. Team members who used the product found they were less fatigued and ready to bounce back quicker in the following days. If you have high performing teams and heading into a period where they might be feeling tired and stressed, using this product might help maintain your teams’ optimal performance. Thank you to Hugh Dunstan and the InnovAAte team for helping us deliver a fantastic summer period for customers and staff alike!

Stefan Giammarco, Retail Manager BridgeClimb Sydney (March, 2020)

As part of Stefan’s role at BridgeClimb Sydney, he oversees the staff amenities and introduced ElectrAAte after his own experiences with the product over the last year.

Partner With InnovAAte

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