ElectrAAte: boosts potential at Masters Rowing Championships

Testimonial: In May 2021, Skye and Colleen participated in the Australian Masters regatta in Adelaide, South Australia and won the bronze medal in one of their races, their first national level medal which was exciting for them both. They attribute their ability to move quickly from race to race after a full physical contribution in every event, to ElectrAAte. Skye and Colleen are grateful to have such an excellent product to assist in their training and race preparation and most importantly on race day.

Skye Smith and Colleen Chapman enjoy competitive Masters Rowing in NSW. They were both looking for an unsweetened amino acid and electrolyte replacement product that they could use during training and at regattas to assist with their endurance and recovery. This is important as races can have as little as 45 minutes between them, so an easily digestible and pleasant tasting product that assists in the recovery process and setting up for the next event is crucial.

S.Smith, Sydney, NSW

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