High Intensity Training – ElectrAAte Testimonial

As an F45 studio owner, I am regularly training at high intensity levels, usually 5-6 days per week. One of the challenges I face, both personally and as a studio owner, is being able to maintain muscle mass whilst on a calorie controlled nutrition plan designed for fat loss.




I decided to test the products over the course of a 4 week period, measuring my results on an Inbody (body composition scanner). I was very pleased to see that over this period I had managed to maintain my muscle mass, whilst still being able to reduce body fat! I also noticed an improvement in endurance levels whilst training. The product tastes great with just a hint of lemon, meaning it can be consumed whilst training too.

Cam, Gosford, October 2020


How does this work?

When you are undertaking an intense training program over a period of time, your body has a very high demand for six specific amino acids. When you are exercising, these are supplied by the body’s ability to breakdown existing muscle proteins to supply amino acids. 

  • If you are on a restricted diet to achieve fat loss, then this exacerbates the need for these amino acids.
    • Under these conditions, the breakdown of muscle proteins can continue well into your recovery phase.
  • The net result of high intensity training and dietary restriction can thus lead to a reduction in muscle mass.
    • This is not the desired effect!!

Taking the OptimAAte and ElectrAAte is designed to replenish those amino acids that we have measured to be in the highest demand during high intensity training.

When you take these amino acids, you are providing the body with what it needs when you need it, and thus the body can reduce the amount of breakdown of muscle proteins. This will let you

  • Perform better during endurance exercise.
  • Recover more effectively from training and competition.
  • More efficiently lose weight.

One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories

One serve of ElectrAAte® contains only 26kJ or 6.3 Calories

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