InnovAAte Testimonials

July 2020: K.M. (Seaham, NSW)

  • This great response from Kevin 85 years old recovering from a car accident: “I am very pleased to report a marked improvement in my overall health, and I’m convinced that daily taking OptimAAte has been playing a major part in this.”

June 2020: D.B. (Newcastle)

  • great product, massively decreases my recovery times and overall level of fatigue after long runs or strenuous exercise

June 2020: D.M. (Gold Coast)

  • Have been using innovaate to help me with my recovery from Post Virus Syndrome. Cannot recommend this product and the people behind it enough. Amazing brand and hope they continue to help others as they did me.

May 2020: B.M. and C.M. (Newcastle)

  • My husband and I both used INNOVAATE and recommend it’s use in the recovery of our physical health after having shoulder replacements and reconstructions.

May 2020:   N. S. (Newcastle):

  • I have been using OptimAAte for a few weeks or so. In an non controlled test I feel that good things are happening. I feel better, less tired, and getting proper sleep. I have been waking actually rested, which is a blessing.I would like to keep using OptimAAte 😄

April 2020:  S.L. (Sydney)

  • Incredible product. My ability to train and recover has improved enormously as a result of using optimaate. Fantastic to be able to use a supplement that has so much scientific research behind it – research that was done here in Australia!

April 2020: S.D. (London)

  • Fantastic product, really makes a difference to recovery after exercise!

March 2020:  S.B. (Sydney)

  • Great product to reduce fatigue. I have been using it now for months and I can keep going longer during workouts and recover better the next day. Thanks Innovaate 👍

March 2020: M.D. (Melbourne):

  • I have been using OptimAAte for two months and find that I have much more energy and am not as tired now as my 77 year old body used to be. My diet and exercise routine has not changed so it must be the OptimAAte!

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