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Testimonial: It has been most rewarding to trial your OptimAAte product.  After a long history of managing inflammation and chronic fatigue symptoms brought on after post-surgery MRSA (Golden Staph) infection, it was great to see a product that came from an accomplished research team who understood the debilitating effects.  Since taking OptimAAte the noticeable benefits have been lack of pain around my joints, particularly my legs at night.  It has been great to get off to sleep without being kept awake for hours by aching joints. For me, it is important to have help that does not involve medications with side-effects.

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Even more interesting, that this was the same research team who gave me some life-changing advice back 30 years ago when I was first stricken by the MRSA.  So good to have found the team again and to once again be benefitting from the latest products that have come out of their comprehensive research.

S.M. from Toronto, NSW Australia.

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