Testimonial: Amino acids support muscles for exercise and recovery

Testimonial: It’s not often you know the designers and manufacturers of a product.  When InnovAAte came on the market with Tim  and Hugh at the helm, I knew I could trust the quality.

I’ve been using OptimAAte  for months.  I started because I was feeling tired with sore muscles at the end of the day.  I also take a little extra of this powder supplement if I drink alcohol at night.

Recently a long stroll, down hill, on a bitumen road at Mt Kenya proved easy thanks to taking OptimAAte. My legs were 100% the following day.

Patrice Newell


The scientists at InnovAAte have identified six key amino acids that are used by the body at much faster rates than the the other amino acids. By topping up this special group of amino acids regularly, you can potentially reduce the protein turnover in muscles that normally occurs to support the exercise. In this way, the amount of repair and rebuilding of muscle proteins can be theoretically reduced and this could lead to faster and more efficient recoveries from exertion

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