Testimonial: ElectrAAte, Boot Camp and Riding Mountain Bikes

Hi Innovaate Team,
Just wanted to leave a positive review for ElectraateI absolutely love the product.
I train quite a bit at the gym and ride my mountain bike a lot too. I was feeling quite fatigued after my workouts and quite sore for days so I needed something to help.
I purchased the Electraate earlier this year and instantly felt a positive difference in my training and recovery. I wasn’t 100% convinced straight away so I tried another brand that had more ingredients thinking it would be better. After a month of using a competitor brand I realized that although it tasted great, the Electraate was the superior product that gave me the results I needed.
I re-ordered another tub of the Electraate and will continue to do so.
Thanks for your time and effort in making such a great product. Good luck with getting your product out there.
Testimonial from Ryan Willcox, Newcastle Australia.
Ryan currently trains Monday – Friday at a local Bootcamp. Its 45 mins high intensity interval training with a focus on different muscle groups each day. The weekends he rides his mountain bike 20-40km on local trails.

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