Testimonial: Find more energy when you are over 60

I am 67 years old and when I was 48 years old was diagnosed with a blood disease Essential Thromocytosis and on top of that, I have Bipolar disorder. Because of my conditions  I take a cocktail of medications with  no real side effects, however, in the past I have had a real  lack  of energy and would  get  very  tired. That would frustrate  me to no end because I was very active in sport and business.

My wife has been taking OptimAAte for some time now and suggested  I try it. I started  taking OptimAAte six months ago. After around fourteen  days of starting  on it I found that my energy level had improved significantly, and even though I still  get a little  tired, my energy level has improved dramatically. I believe OpimAAte has improved my overall  wellbeing.


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