Testimonial: OptimAAte restored healthy life-style

Testimonial: Brian, from Sydney, August 2021.

When I first heard you (Hugh) explain to us the importance of Amino Acids and the science behind what you invented, it made sense and I was keen to try it.

At the time I started using OptimAAte, I had been suffering for many years with sore muscles throughout my body and fatigue whenever I did anything that was a little strenuous. Even walking a long distance would cause me problems for days, in particular cramps in my legs at night. I also found my arm muscles would shrink if I did gardening and jobs around the house for more than about an hour. I was limited to doing things in short bursts.

I had been very active in the past until about 24 years ago when I got a virus called CMV. The virus is quite common but usually contracted by children, apparently it can be harder to get over in older people. In my case it took about 5 years, and following that, I had a very low white blood cell count. Even though I recovered, it left me with muscles that became sore easily and I was guaranteed to have bad cramps at night if I had done anything strenuous during the day.

Looking back it is a little hard to remember how badly I was suffering before, as when you recover bit by bit, you tend to forget what it was like.

OptimAAte has changed my life for the better, I am mostly pain free and can do much more. Now I am able to walk long distances, ride my bike, do work around the house and build things. I just need to be mindful of my dodgy back and not lift anything heavy. It enabled me to gradually become more active and get my strength back.

Interestingly, my white blood cell count is now normal (can’t prove that OptimAAte did that, however it is quite likely), the muscle cramps have almost disappeared, I only very rarely get sore muscles and the Sarcoidosis disease I was diagnosed with has stabilised (again I can’t prove that OptimAAte did all that – however it is quite likely).

What works best for me is taking one teaspoon of OptimAAte each morning in a glass of water. If I know I will be doing physical activities all day I will mix 2 scoops of OptimAAte in 1 litre of water and sip it during the day in addition to drinking water or coffee.
If I don’t get to drink OptimAAte during my activities, I have a large drink of water with 1 scoop when I get home. If I do get a cramp at night, 1 scoop of OptimAAte in a glass of water and I am back to sleep in 10 minutes. It works very quickly, without it the cramps would continue all night.

After taking a scoop of OptimAAte with water each morning for about 3 weeks I didn’t feel better, just different. I continued this and after about 6 weeks it was making me feel a little better. After 3 months I could feel it was making a big difference in what I could do. I then started experimenting with how much I should take and the effect of what I took when active. The way I currently take OptimAAte as mentioned above suits my lifestyle where I am not active during the week and active on the weekend. I think it is important to think about how the product is helping you and how the use of it works best for the activities you are doing.

I can highly recommend this excellent product, it has improved my health immensely.

Brian, Sydney, August 2021


One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories

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