InnovAAte: Amino Acid Newsletter, Issue 2

Welcome to InnovAAte’s Spring newsletter with a focus on how our our amino acids can help with hydration. We also take you back to some basics about amino acids and proteins.

Fun fact: Did you know that when you are sitting still in the heat, you lose more amino acids per litre of sweat than you do when you are exercising? We will be writing some blogs on this over the next month.

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Spring 2020 is here and it is starting to warm up. Make sure you keep up good hydration as your body adjusts to the warmer temperatures

OptimAAte® vs ElectrAAte®

Hugh looks at the differences between the two products and how to use them most efficiently….

More details….



What do you lose in sweat?

Hugh explains why you need to maintain hydration with amino acids, electrolytes and water …

More details….



If you are active in the summer, you need to maintain hydration. 

Hugh discusses what is lost in sweat during work and exercise.

More details….



How much fluid should I take for hydration?

People vary in how much sweat they lose, but it is easy to estimate this for yourself under a range of conditions….

More details….



The importance of amino acids for the ageing population

Tim explains how important it is to have a good supply of amino acids as we get older…

More details….



Sleep, OptimAAte and You

Tim explores how amino acids can help with better sleep….

More details….

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From all of us here at InnovAAte, stay well and stay hydrated.
See you next month!

Hugh, Tim, Margaret, Stefan and Kate.
The InnovAAte Team.

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