InnovAAte: Amino Acid Newsletter, Issue 4

Welcome to InnovAAte’s Spring into Summer Newsletter: amino acids for maintaining good health and vitality.

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Summer is here. Keep your hydration up and optimise your fun in the sun.


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Our Amino Acid Sweat Research attracts huge interest

Our research paper reporting the losses of amino acids in sweat is attracting a huge amount of interest. ResearchGate reported that we achieved 1,500 reads

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Can salt cause annoying fluctuations in weight?

For a long time we have been warned about taking in too much salt. We absolutely need salt for our bodies to function properly – too little salt can lead to ill health as well. The body goes to great extremes to maintain constant levels circulating in our blood. So what is going on?

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Hydration: replace fluid, amino acids and electrolytes

Sweating is essential for cooling the body, but the process loses fluid and hydration is critical. Sweating also helps remove some waste products generated by the body. But did you know that you also lose electrolytes and amino acids when you sweat?

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Facebook Testimonials

Recovering from Chemotherapy

Emma Hicks: “I started using Optimate for fatigue following chemotherapy & radiotherapy. I’ve noticed that my recovery numbers (sleep tracking based on my heart rate) are definitely better when I take Optimate consistently. If I have a week off, my recovery & fatigue is much worse. I find Optimate tastes quite sour but it’s really nice in orange juice! Give it a go and see for yourself.”

General well being

Belinda McNab: “Innovate is a wonderful product that compliments any lifestyle, from those who are recovering from illness or injury, to those who need a boost during their busy lives, to those who exercise and workout hard! Helping recovery and general well-being, this is a fantastic product for anyone!”

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Book Review:

Tim Roberts writes a review of a new book about treating the outcomes of infections from tick-bites.

The book “The Crazy Journey of a Medical Chameleon” was published by Cecile Jadin in 2019. Cecile is a highly specialised medical practitioner and surgeon, who has spent a lifetime treating patients suffering from the consequences of disease transfer following tick bites.

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Fun fact: If you don’t get enough of the essential amino acid “histidine” in your diet, you can become anaemic.

  • A major source of histidine is from meat – not just the proteins, but the large quantities of carnosine which are present in the muscle tissues. There is no equivalent in plants.
  • Histidine is lost in large amounts via daily losses of fluid – for example sweating. 
  • Histidine is in OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte®.

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From all of us here at InnovAAte, stay well and stay hydrated.
See you next month!

Hugh, Tim, Margaret, Stefan and Kate.
The InnovAAte Team.

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