InnovAAte Amino Acids: Colds, Flu and Ill Health

A good supply of amino acids is important to help the body fight infections and recover from colds, flu and ill health. We recover from infections by the action of our immune system which make trillions of specialised proteins that attack the viruses and bacteria. Production of these defensive proteins by the body needs large quantities of amino acids which are the building blocks used to make the proteins.

We need to supply the body with amino acids to support this immune defence and reduce the impact on the body. The InnovAAte strategy is to replenish those amino acids using OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® to supply the large quantities of amino acids required to build the immune proteins. This can minimise the breakdown of the body’s own muscle proteins that are otherwise used to provide the necessary building blocks for the immune proteins. In this way you can reduce the breakdown of muscle proteins which can help you maintain better well-being throughout the illness.

Once the immune system has done its job, there is a recovery phase known as convalescence which is where the body attempts to restore condition by rebuilding muscles and optimising metabolism.  This recovery phase from major illness and injuries requires a good supply of the OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® amino acids that are in the highest demand by the body, to facilitate an efficient restoration process.


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By Tim Roberts

Tim is a foundation member of the InnovAAte team and has has played a key role in the amino acid research





R.K.H. from Morpeth
I am 67 years old and when I was 48 years old was diagnosed with a blood disease Essential Thromocytosis and on top of that, I have Bipolar disorder. Because of my conditions I take a cocktail of medications with no real side effects, however, in the past I have had a real lack of energy and would get very tired. That would frustrate me to no end because I was very active in sport and business.

My wife has been taking OptimAAte for some time now and suggested I try it. I started taking OptimAAte six months ago. After around fourteen days of starting on it I found that my energy level had improved significantly, and even though I still get a little tired, my energy level has improved dramatically. I believe OpimAAte has improved my overall wellbeing.




E.H Sydney
I started using Optimate for fatigue following chemotherapy & radiotherapy. I’ve noticed that my recovery numbers (sleep tracking based on my heart rate) are definitely better when I take Optimate consistently. If I have a week off, my recovery & fatigue is much worse. I find Optimate tastes quite sour but it’s really nice in orange juice! Give it a go and see for yourself.

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