InnovAAte Amino Acids: Men’s Health and Well-being

Men lose amino acids throughout the course of the day which need to be replenished to maintain good health and well-being. Whether you are swimming long distances or surfing for hours on end, you can still lose substantial quantities of fluid which involves losing amino acids. Amino acids are present on the skin as part of the natural moisturising factors produced by the body and keep your skin from drying out. When you are working in a hot environment, running, cycling or working out in the gym, your body is metabolising amino acids at a rapid rate and generating sweat to keep you cool.

Our research has found that the OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® amino acids are in higher demand for metabolism than others and these same amino acids are also used to form the natural moisturisers in the skin and to generate the sweat to keep you cool.

Daily consumption of OptimAAte® can help maintain good health by providing the top-ups of the amino acids in the highest demand by the body. By doing this, the body can be more efficient at renewing damaged proteins and keeping you in top shape. Using ElectrAAte® during and after long periods of exercise or hard work can help maintain good body health and lead to a rapid recovery.

By Tim Roberts

Tim is a foundation member of the InnovAAte team and has has played a key role in the amino acid research





H.C. Newcastle August 2020:

“I have been taking ElectrAAte by InnovAAte for several months now and I have found that I have been able to surf more regularly, and have longer sessions (up to 3 hours), with little to no fatigue. On top of this I haven’t gotten sick once this winter, whereas usually I am the first to get sick when a cold is going round. Also, it’s not written on the label but I have found it to be a pretty successful hangover cure!”

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