InnovAAte Amino Acids: Sports and Exercise Recovery

When you are exercising or competing, you need a supply of amino acids to keep you going in your sport and ensure a good recovery from exercise. During the exercise, you cannot eat and, even if you could, the operation of the digestive system is much reduced because blood is diverted to the muscles to provide much needed oxygen + nutrients and remove carbon dioxide + other waste products.

During exercise, the body needs to provide amino acids for the numerous metabolic processes that support the muscle functions. This is done by breaking down existing muscle proteins that are not muscle fibres, to release the amino acids (catabolism).

  • The amino acids in the OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® products are those identified by research to be in the highest demand.
  • Daily amino acid supplementation with OptimAAte® can supply the key amino acids that are in greatest demand during the day to support active lifestyles.
    • Usage of OptimAAte® as directed may assist in the development of muscle mass and the product is useful before, during, or after sustained strenuous exercise. Daily supplementation of amino acids has been shown to help reduce fatigue.
  • The ElectrAAte® has been designed to provide the high-demand amino acids, plus the electrolytes, that can be lost through sweat and urine.


InnovAAte Products

  • OptimAAte®: 130 servings per tub; 46c per serve
    • One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories
  • ElectrAAte®: 80 servings per tub; 76c per serve
    • One serve of ElectrAAte® contains only 26kJ or 6.3 Calories

Both OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® do not contain any sugar or caffeine and are vegan friendly. Both products have been tested by an independent laboratory to be sure that that they do not contain WADA banned substances so they are safe for use by elite athletes and people in restricted workplaces.

  • OptimAAte® can be mixed with water in your drink bottle or cup.
  • ElectrAAte® can be mixed with water in your drink bottle or cup and has a light lemon flavouring.

See more about the differences between OptimAAte® and ElectrAAte® here.

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By Hugh Dunstan

Hugh is a foundation member of the InnovAAte team and has has played a key role in the amino acid research





J.T. from Newcastle:
I have been taking part in a 6 week challenge of intense weights training. It had finished over a week ago and challenge 2 resumed on Monday 29th July.
My thighs and shoulders were aching from training and so I took OptimAAte to help with soreness and within a day I noticed a huge difference in muscle recovery. Thank you so much for such a great product I will be continuing to use it for the rest of the 6 week challenge.







R.H. from Newcastle:
Great product, brings a new level of specific refueling that I’ve felt effect my training. The confidence of knowing you are getting what your body needs is enormous.
O.M. from Newcastle:
Amazing products backed by insightful science. Hugh absolutely knows his stuff and has been incredibly helpful. Would highly recommend.



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