InnovAAte Amino Acids: Women’s health

Women are susceptible to losing amino acids throughout the course of the day. Amino acids make up a big part of the natural moisturising fluids produced and released by the skin. They are very important to help keep the skin from drying out. When you swim or wash in water, amino acids are literally swept away from the surface of the skin. Certain amino acids are also released through the scalp to help keep your hair shiny and in good condition. Exercise and work can lead to big losses of amino acids from the body.

Our research has shown that the amino acids in OptimAAte® are in high-demand because they are used in skin moisturising and cooling processes as well as in many vital functions in the body, like folate metabolism. Taking OptimAAte® daily can help provide the key amino acids that you need for healthy skin, hair and general well-being.

Our latest research and development project is to build a strategy that works from the “inside-out”. This means that taking OptimAAte® regularly supplies the body with the resources needed on the inside, that can help build collagen for healthy skin and provide the natural moisturiser ingredients.

Collagen is the latest health food product taking the world by storm on the premise that your body needs to have collagen for healthy skin and joints. What people generally don’t realise is that the collagen food product will need to be completely digested in the stomach to release the amino acids building blocks. Why not just supply these key amino acids found in OptimAAte® in the first place to allow the body to make its own collagen as required?

One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories

By Margaret Macdonald

Margaret is a foundation member of the InnovAAte team and has has played a key role in the amino acid research





S.M. Toronto, NSW

It has been most rewarding to trial your OptimAAte product. After a long history of managing inflammation and chronic fatigue symptoms brought on after post-surgery MRSA (Golden Staph) infection, it was great to see a product that came from an accomplished research team who understood the debilitating effects. Since taking OptimAAte the noticeable benefits have been lack of pain around my joints, particularly my legs at night. It has been great to get off to sleep without being kept awake for hours by aching joints. For me, it is important to have help that does not involve medications with side-effects.

And there is more:
Even more interesting, that this was the same research team who gave me some life-changing advice back 30 years ago when I was first stricken by the MRSA. So good to have found the team again and to once again be benefiting from the latest products that have come out of their comprehensive research.

P.N. from Newcastle
It’s not often you know the designers and manufacturers of a product. When InnovAAte came on the market with Tim and Hugh at the helm, I knew I could trust the quality.

I’ve been using OptimAAte for months. I started because I was feeling tired with sore muscles at the end of the day. I also take a little extra of this powder supplement if I drink alcohol at night.

Recently a long stroll, down hill, on a bitumen road at Mt Kenya proved easy thanks to taking OptimAAte. My legs were 100% the following day.


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