Time To Translate Research Findings to The Market Place

Having spent three decades in labs researching amino acids, we felt that it was time move on and put our findings to good use in society.  Amino Acids are the building blocks of life - our InnovAAte products are designed to replenish the amino acids which are in the highest demand by the body. Hugh Dunstan, 2019

Our Mission

The InnovAAte mission is to be a socially concise and ethical company, forming open and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders to help society become healthier through our research, product development, education and sales of next generation Amino Acids.

Our Vision

In a collaborative ecosystem, the InnovAAte team works to produce high quality products that have been developed from their scientific research and sold around the world in an ethical, professional and financially sustainable manner.

Our Values & Culture

Life – Life is at the centre of InnovAAte. Our work directly relates to helping fulfil healthy and productive lives.

Integrity – InnovAAte is a company founded by accomplished and respected scientists. The company operates with integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and regard for the scientific record which underlines our approach to business.

Customers - Our commitment to customers is to always listen, be respectful and always deliver on our promises.

Stewardship – As world leading researchers of Amino Acids we have an obligation to protect, educate and encourage the use of Amino Acids in safe ways which can improve people’s lives.

Sustainable Management – We are supporters of sustainable business management and will always partner with organisations who have aligning values.

Team – We are a team, from within our company, to our business partners and customers. We will always be looking to Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit within the InnovAAte ecosystem.