Growing With Our Partners

As collaborators in lifetime learning, we embrace all of our partnerships as opportunities to learn and develop our team, but also impart information we know will assist our partners to develop new revenue streams and opportunities to value add their existing product and service channels .  

Partnering With InnovAAte

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Industry Collaboration

InnovAAte has collaborated with Horsepower (Equine Nutrition Systems Pty Ltd) to develop a unique supplement formulation called BoostAA tailored to help horses recover from performance, training and racing. We measured precisely what they lose in sweat and the formulation is ideal for optimising condition and performance, especially in the hotter weather.

Scientifically formulated and patented.

We did the science and published the findings in scientific journals. The product is unique and falls under our patented Amino Acid Biotechnology. The award of the patent shows that it is verified as being novel and based on scientific evidence. No other product on the market comes with these credentials.

Read our research papers:

  1. Sweating in horses during training 
  2. Modelling amino acid usage during training and racing

Read our blogs:

Find out more about the product from HorsePower.


Supporting Regional Sport

These products are designed to help amateur and professional athletes. InnovAAte is very pleased to to be supporting the Wanderers Rugby Football Club by providing information sessions, discussions and great discounts for purchasing products. We are keen to promote their use in a wide range of sporting applications and offer significant discounts to sporting clubs and groups. Don't miss out - contact us now for information on how your club can benefit.

The OptimAAte and ElectrAAte supplements are great for providing the hydration and HIGH-DEMAND amino acids required for optimising performance during a game and training.

  • The formulation of the OptimAAte is ideal as a pre-workout supplement to provide key nutrients required in high demand during the game.
  • ElectrAAte provides the high-demand amino acids plus the electrolytes that can help you perform at your best, minimize the utilisation of your own muscle proteins and assist in recovery. 

Scientific research has been invested to develop these unique products. Their unique and advanced formulations has formed the basis of our patented Amino Acid Biotechnology.  No other products come with these credentials.