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The InnovAAte team is a group of accomplished scientists

Global Collaborators In Amino Acid And Health Research

The foundation of InnovAAte's products and services originates from the company's chief scientists, Hugh Dunstan & Tim Roberts, who spent three decades leading research with collaborators from across the globe in the areas of chronic fatigue, sweat, protein, amino acids and metabolism.

In 2014, Hugh Dunstan, Tim Roberts and Margaret Macdonald had a significant breakthrough when they were able to quantify the potential losses of amino acids quantities in the sweat of athletes.

The following four years of research continued focusing on understanding the nature of amino acid losses in sweat from humans and horses.

They have published their results in international peer-reviewed journals and have opened up a completely new understanding of protein turnover and amino acid metabolism in humans and horses.

This ground-breaking research is the underlying foundation of InnovAAte’s next generation of Amino Acid Biotechnology products. With a far greater understanding of these important aspects of human biology, InnovAAte products are set to assist many people, no matter where they are in their life journey.

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At InnovAAte we are always looking for partners to collaborate within research, product development, sales and marketing.