Amino Acid Research

Sweat in humans: males and females

By Hugh Dunstan / 03/12/2019 /

Athletes and workers in hot environments can lose 1 – 2L of fluid per hour through sweating dependent on factors such as: Type of exercise or work Exercise intensity Body type and size Female vs male Level of fitness Ambient temperature Workers in prolonged hot conditions can lose 12L per day and thus it is…

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Horsepower Feed Supplements Release InnovAAte Products

By InnovAAte Web Editor / 24/09/2019 /

Breakthrough Equine Exercise Recovery Product InnovAAte have teamed up with a Western Sydney horse feed and supplement company to produce a world-first exercise-recovery product for horses. Hugh Dunstan, InovAAte’s CEO began researching how amino acids were lost in sweat during exercise in 2014. Together with Horsepower Feeds & Supplements, Hugh and his team then developed…

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