Testimonial: OptimAAte restored healthy life-style

By Hugh Dunstan / 21/08/2021 /

Testimonial: Brian, from Sydney, August 2021. When I first heard you (Hugh) explain to us the importance of Amino Acids and the science behind what you invented, it made sense and I was keen to try it. At the time I started using OptimAAte, I had been suffering for many years with sore muscles throughout…

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Running: Rebecca describes reductions in cramps and stitches with ElectrAAte

By Hugh Dunstan / 19/10/2020 /

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve started taking ElectrAAte, a blend of amino acids and electrolytes, and preliminary results are in … For the last week I’ve woken up before my alarm clock every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. A long time runner, I’ve always been plagued by stitches but…

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