InnovAAte Testimonials

By Hugh Dunstan / 06/04/2020 /

July 2020: K.M. (Seaham, NSW) This great response from Kevin 85 years old recovering from a car accident: “I am very pleased to report a marked improvement in my overall health, and I’m convinced that daily taking OptimAAte has been playing a major part in this.” June 2020: D.B. (Newcastle) great product, massively decreases my…

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Amino acids can help restore inner health and reduce fatigue

By Hugh Dunstan / 13/02/2020 /

How can amino acid supplementation help to improve general health and vitality? People have busy life-styles with family/work commitments and many constantly suffer fatigue. The body utilises the high-demand amino acids at very fast rates and replenishment of these amino acids could help restore inner health and reduce fatigue. The secret is to know which…

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