weight loss

Can salt cause annoying fluctuations in weight?

By Hugh Dunstan / 14/12/2020 /

For a long time we have been warned about taking in too much salt. We absolutely need salt for our bodies to function properly – too little salt can lead to ill health as well. The body goes to great extremes to maintain constant levels circulating in our blood. So what is going on? One…

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Need to lose weight before summer? Amino acids can help

By Margaret MacDonald / 22/10/2020 /

Try Optimaate® / Electraate® with your exercise schedule to keep that toned muscle and lose fat instead. If you are ready to hit the gym or pound the footpaths to get your body ready to enjoy some summer fun, think about adding an OptimAAte® or ElectrAAte® boost to your exercise schedule. Exercise creates a demand…

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Weight loss basics: How to use OptimAAte to your advantage

By Hugh Dunstan / 20/10/2020 /

If you are healthy and putting on weight then the simple explanation is that you are eating more than you need for your day’s exertion. It is all about striking the correct balance between what you eat and the amount of exercise you do and OptimAAte® can help ensure you lose fat rather than muscle…

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