Hydrate with ElectrAAte!

By Hugh Dunstan / 14/04/2021 /

Hydrate with ElectrAAte! ElectrAAte is an amino acid supplement combined with electrolytes designed to replenish key nutrients lost during exercise or from living in hot environments. ElectrAAte is: Fat-free Sugar-free Caffeine-free Vegan and vegetarian-friendly Tested for WADA-banned substances Mix one scoop into any drink to provide hydration and support your health journey! Buy here: https://shop.innovaate.com.au/electraate~26…

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Is extra Histidine required in vegetarian diets?

By Hugh Dunstan / 01/09/2020 /

The supply of essential amino acids such as histidine from plant proteins are largely similar to those found in meat proteins, with minor variations observed between sources. This comparison is based on evaluations of the amino acid compositions in extracted meat proteins. But these do not normally take into account the fact that the meat…

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