The HDAA-amino acid Glycine plays a key role in building collagen, the most abundant protein in our body. Smart supplementation, like OptimAAte®, provides a good source of glycine for making collagen. Collagen provides strength and support to our soft tissues, bones, blood vessels, muscles, and organs. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for collagen production, but sometimes our bodies need extra help, especially when we lack essential nutrients like glycine.

While collagen supplements are often marketed as a way to boost collagen, it's essential to understand that the body still needs to break down these products into amino acids, just like any other protein we eat. A smarter approach to collagen supplementation involves recognizing the unique structure of collagen, where about one-third of the protein is made up of glycine.

Glycine is not only vital for collagen formation but also in high demand for various metabolic functions such as nerve transmission, immune function, energy production, and DNA formation. It is consistently lost through sweat and urine during daily activities, making it necessary to replenish through diet or supplementation.

Smart supplementation, like OptimAAte®, provides a good source of glycine along with five other high-demand amino acids (HDAA). These HDAA nutrients are rapidly absorbed by the body without the need for digestion, making them a simple and effective solution to support collagen synthesis. Including these nutrients in our daily routine ensures a constant supply for protein production and metabolism, especially for those leading an active and healthy lifestyle.