World Class Research and Results

InnovAAte's world-leading research team have unlocked a greater understanding of amino acids and their relationship to protein turnover and metabolism. With this new level of understanding, InnovAAte is committed to developing the Next Generation Amino Acid products to optimize performance, hydration, health, exercise, lifestyle and recovery.

The Research

We are a company founded by accomplished and respected scientists. Integrity, honesty, trustworthy regard for scientific record and fact are etched in our DNA.

Product Development

InnovAAte's groundbreaking research provides a continuum of opportunities to develop a new generation of products specifically targeted to optimize vitality, health, recovery and performance as well as building integrated solutions.


Collaboration underpins InnovAAte's work. As we bring research to life, we work with partners, with aligned values, to establish win-win partnerships in research, product development marketing & sales.

We have unlocked the science behind amino acids - we can now make a difference in so many people's lives

- Tim Roberts. InnovAAte Co-founder & Published Researcher
Chronic Fatigue, Autism, Dyslexia, Chronic Infection, Amino Acids.