InnovAAte Profile

The InnovAAte team are acknowledged as world-leading authorities in amino acids which are key building blocks and resources for life.

InnovAAte's world-leading research team have unlocked a greater understanding of amino acids and their relationship to protein turnover and metabolism. With this new level of understanding, InnovAAte is committed to developing the Next Generation of Amino Acid products to replenish what you lose most in daily exertion.

Products based on research


In 2014, Hugh Dunstan, Tim Roberts, and Margaret Macdonald made a significant breakthrough by quantifying the potential losses of amino acid quantities in the sweat of athletes. Following this, for the next four years, they continued their research to understand the nature of amino acid losses in human sweat. Their findings were published in international peer-reviewed journals, which opened up a completely new understanding of protein turnover and amino acid metabolism in humans.

This groundbreaking research forms the foundation of InnovAAte's next generation of Amino Acid Biotechnology products. With a greater understanding of these crucial aspects of human biology, InnovAAte products are designed to benefit people at any stage of their life journey.

In 2021, Angelo Agresti joined the team to provide valuable skills in business management, business intelligence, and operations.

The Team

Hugh Dunstan, Co-Founder of InnovAAte Pty Ltd. 
The University of Newcastle: Professor in Biological Sciences, Retired 2020
Qualifications: D.Phil., Oxford, 1986.
Peer-reviewed Journal publications: 125

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts, Co-Founder of InnovAAte Pty Ltd
The University of Newcastle: Emeritus Professor since 2019
Qualifications: PhD, Flinders University, 1971.
Peer-reviewed Journal publications: 132

Margaret Macdonald, InnovAAte Pty Ltd
Qualifications: D.Phil (Oxon), 1984. University of Oxford, UK.
Peer-reviewed Journal publications: 21
Angelo Agresti

Angelo Agresti is an Executive Advisor specialising in Business Systems.
Specialist: Business Intelligence, Business systems, Operations management.


Our Mission

InnovAAte's mission is to be a socially concise and ethical company, forming open and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders to help support exercise and active lifestyles.

Our Vision

In a collaborative and professional ecosystem, the InnovAAte team works closely with our partners to promote and sell our highly refined products that are aimed at replenishing the high-demand amino acids (HDAA), in an ethical and financially sustainable manner.

Our Values & Culture

Lifestyle - is at the centre of InnovAAte. Our work directly relates to promoting exercise and active lifestyles.

Integrity - InnovAAte is a company founded by accomplished and respected scientists. Integrity, honesty, trust, regard for the scientific record and fact, are the foundation of our approach to business and working with our customers, partners, and team.

Customers - Our commitment to customers is to always listen, be respectful, and always deliver on our promises.

Sustainable Management – We are supporters of sustainable business management and will partner with organisations that have aligned values.

Team – We work well as a team at InnovAAte with mutual respect for each other's skills and contributions. We will always be looking to Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit within the InnovAAte ecosystem.