ElectrAAte and OptimAAte for Exercise

This is how it works:

Your body has a high demand for six specific amino acids known as the HDAA. These HDAA are also lost in high quantities in sweat every day. When you exercise, these losses are magnified and some people lose them faster than others.

OptimAAte taken with water prior to exercise will provide the body with a good level of hydration as well as pre-load the HDAA that will be used in the sweating and metabolic processes supporting the exercise.

ElectrAAte taken with water during and immediately after exercise will contribute fluid + HDAA + Electrolytes to the circulating bloodstream.

This will help maintain hydration and minimise the need for the breakdown of muscle proteins during exercise.
This will better maintain muscle mass and integrity during and after exercise and aid recovery.
Dehydration can lead to:
  • Reduced concentration and focus,
  • Fatigue and muscle cramps.

The HDAA and electrolytes are rapidly absorbed and do not require digestion.