OptimAAte and Energy Systems

OptimAAte has been designed to replenish the stocks of two very important amino acids: histidine and glycine.

These amino acids are required in high proportions to manufacture key components of your energy systems. 

  • Haemoglobin for carrying oxygen to the muscles and removing waste CO2.
  • Cytochromes which are used to extract energy out of foods and stores. They also help in the removal of toxic waste products. 

OptimAAte taken with water, will

  • Restock the HDAA lost in sweat
  • Minimise demand on the breakdown of muscle proteins and therefore help to maintain muscle mass
  • Conserve energy by minimising the daily requirement for synthesising new muscle proteins.
  • Sustain the body’s highly efficient bio-machinery for effective utilisation of energy foods and stores.
  • Support the body’s capacity to remove toxic wastes and maintain anti-oxidant systems.

Summery of how certain HDAA can contribute to energy systems