Since 1982, ACNEM has educated thousands of medical and healthcare practitioners on the principles and practice of integrative medicine, with a focus on nutritional and environmental medicine. Our growing global community of practitioners is changing the face of healthcare through patient-centred, integrated care leading to better health outcomes.

Our Four Pillars
In educating healthcare practitioners about nutritional and environmental medicine we promote four pillars as the foundation for a healthy life:
1. Healthy diet and good nutrition
2. Good sleep
3. Adequate physical activity
4. Healthy environment

Our Goals
• To provide quality evidence-based integrative healthcare education
• To cultivate the integrative healthcare community
• To promote integrative healthcare

ACNEM offers a variety of postgraduate educational offerings, which include webinars, short courses and more formal structured training pathways to gain ACNEM Fellowship. We are committed to developing understanding and excellence in the practice of integrative healthcare.


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Steven Cannon: Neurohealth Wellness

Neurohealth Wellness

Neurohealth Wellness has been in Allambie Heights for over 15 years. We have a combination of chiropractors and massage therapists that look to maximise and rebalance the body to fulfil its potentials. We have interests in sports optimisation and injury recovery. 

Find out more at the Neurohealth Wellness website.

Allambie, NSW


Susan Harbers: Accredited Health Coach and Certificate 4 in Training

I am excited to join forces with Innovaate, a brand that aligns perfectly with my mission to empower individuals to lead their healthiest lives. I firmly believe in the notion that 'lifestyle is medicine,' emphasizing the significance of nourishing our bodies with whole foods, staying active, prioritizing quality sleep, and fostering meaningful connections with others.   Whether you're an avid fitness enthusiast or find yourself in a whirlwind of daily activities like myself, Innovaate's unique supplement is designed with you in mind.

Innovaate’s approach is simple yet powerful:  focus on replenishing the amino acids that are most depleted during your daily grind. This becomes even more critical if you're actively engaged in exercise or in a warm climate, as these factors can intensify the loss of essential amino acids.

By following our recommended regimen of replenishing HDAA along with the right balance of fluid and electrolytes, you can maintain not only your muscle mass but also your hydration levels.

In collaboration with Innovaate, I am keen to champion this holistic approach to health, ensuring you have the necessary support to keep your body and mind in peak condition. Together, we'll unlock your potential for a healthier and more vibrant life.

Find out more at the Health and Wellbeing Website

Newport Melbourne, VIC


Karl Versteeg: Groundwork Fitness and Strength Training 

Karl Versteeg is a certified strength coach who started Groundwork Fitness as a strength club that is welcoming, hygienically clean and full of interesting people. The club includes a few creature comforts like a coffee machine plus top-quality equipment. Karl wants more people to try strength training, because we know that walking and running isn’t enough to keep you in peak physical health (that’s why the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend strength training at least twice a week for all adults).

By lifting weights, you’ll experience a whole range of health benefits, including:

  • Better mobility and balance for everyday activities
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • Reduced risk of developing lifestyle diseases
  • Better musculoskeletal health

There will be a high demand to build muscle mass when you embark on a weight training program and our OptimAAte and ElectrAAte products can help you on this journey:

  • OptimAAte can be taken daily to provide you with the amino acids that you use most during daily exertion and can help maintain muscle mass during your weight training journey.
  • ElectrAAte contains the amino acids plus electrolytes and can help maintain hydration and muscle mass when you take it during and after the workout.

Find out more at Groundwork Fitness.

Newport Melbourne, VIC


Technology development: Point of Care Testing (PoCT)


With more than 10 years of experience in managing PoCT (Point of Care Testing) Services, we are committed to helping healthcare providers looking to adopt PoCT solutions to improve patient care or for an improved patient experience. 

We are truly connected to the medical technology industry and have a number of technology partner agreements in place to ensure we can help people find the best technology to suit their needs.  We understand the importance of managing all parts of the testing process and connecting test results with clinical decision-makers to inform their treatment options. We also believe that there are nutritional supplements that offer value when a test indicates a level of deficiency or the need to restock.

Newcastle, NSW.